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Show Me The Nuggets

“With over $250 Million funded in this space and a 97% loan approval rate, they’ve become the trusted lender of choice for the top online business brokerage firms in the U.S.”

Digital Triggers

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Truth About Exits

Stephen has closed over $200M in SBA loans for e-commerce business acquisitions. Find out why SBA Loans are so popular and also why buyers and sellers should have an SBA lender on their deal team even before buying or selling a business.”

Coran Woodmass

The FBA Broker

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Mastering the SBA Lending Process

“In this interview, Stephen Speer reviews the importance of getting pre-qualified before starting to shop for a business. He also covers what sellers need to do in preparation to sell their business.”

You’re not a banker, you don’t come across as a banker, you speak our language…and you hang out with eCommerce entrepreneurs.”

Joe Valley

Quite Light Brokerage

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