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eCommerce Lending is an online business acquisition financing firm. We source and facilitate the financing of a purchase from start to finish. We take a consultative approach with our buyer clients to ensure a successful outcome of their business purchase.

Instead of a “one size fits all” lending approach common with banks and direct lenders, we utilize our effective lending platform. This unique system results in a 97% loan approval rate and a decrease in the time it takes to close on the business. With all the nuances in the eCommerce space, we provide the expertise it takes to navigate you though the complex process. eCommerce Lending is the trusted choice by the top online business brokerage firms and the #1 source for business acquisition financing.

Stephen Speer

Stephen Speer is the Founder and CEO of eCommerce Lending, Inc. His lending career spans over 28 years. eCommerce Lending Inc, has funded over $275 million in online business acquisition loans, making it the #1 source for online business acquisition financing and the exclusive recommended lender for nearly all the top online business brokerage firms in the country. Stephen lives in Florida with his wife of 26 years and their 4 older children.

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“With over $250 Million funded in this space and a 97% loan approval rate, they’ve become the trusted lender of choice for the top online business brokerage firms in the U.S.”

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