Frequently Asked Questions

10% is the minimum allowed by SBA. The required amount can be higher, depending on the purchase price and cash flow of the business.
Yes. Your loan can be comprised of the cost of the business acquisition, the inventory currently on hand and new inventory, working capital and all closing costs.
Yes, as long as you have outside income to service the payment.

Yes. We provide pre-qualifications, which comprises of an over-the-phone consultation and completion of two simple forms. It not only helps guide you on what size of purchase you qualify for but will put you above all other prospective buyers when placing an offer on a business.

Sometimes listings by various brokerage firms will advertise that the business is “SBA qualified.”

If they do not, simply provide us with the financials and listing memorandum of that business

so we can help make that determination.

SaaS/Affiliate Marketing businesses are eligible for SBA financing under the same terms as product-based businesses.

Since an SBA loan is a business loan, buyers will typically form a new business entity that will be the purchasing entity of the transaction. They may also use an already existing business entity to be the purchasing entity.
On average, between 45-60 days, depending on numerous variables, included the responsiveness of the buyer during the loan process.
Under SBA guidelines, it is permissible for them to stay on for no more than 12 months.
$5,000,000. It can be comprised of one or multiple loans.
Typically not, as long the buyer has the right business skillset to successfully run a business. We do look for direct experience on acquisitions above about $2,500,000.

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